LIENT BATA (I.S.Development)



About this app

LIENT BETA Message and video call your family and friends.

LIENT BETA is audio faster video calling messaging app.

Message audio video call your family and friends for free with LIENT BETA to LIENT BATA.

LIENT BETA Video Messenger app for Android for free The video calling app is designed to connect people all over the world through video, audio and text messaging. The app allows to make group and one-on-one video-calls and chats without fees or charges.

The app features also include: emojis, stickers, media sharing, voice calling and voice messages, push notifications. The app works with any type of Internet connection: 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi.

Do the most popular app for your community or locals

Group Video & Audio Chats:

your personal messaging and call to friends and family are end to end encrypted.

no one outside of your chats not even LIENT BETA app, can read or listen to them.

you all need is used phone number , no user name or logging . can view your 

contacts who are used LIENT BATA and start call and messaging .

Make video and audio call free.

Stay in touch with your family and friends.

End to end encrypted group chats you share 

massages, photo , videos', document across mobile

share your location with your friends

*Make audio and video calls free 

enjoy unlimited Linet Beta -to-Linet Beta calls with up people 

and make audio and video to anyone in the world. Great for 

connecting with friends ,family and colleagues.

*Open Group Chat

Group chats with friends ,family opening

group chats members.

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